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Recycled eWaste and Scrabble Art

December 17, 2009


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The Green Team created some great holiday gifts this afternoon. Incorporating computer keys, keyboard circuit frames, scrabble tiles and fabric samples from designers, they made plain wooden frames into works of art. Do you have any project ideas for our growing collection of keys and letters? Let us know and comment below!

Pony/Taxi/Denim/Coffee Sleeve Round-Up!

December 9, 2009

This year the Auction Committee will be joining in the RE-USE fun with a ROUND UP!

Find bins for these items in the South Hall:

PONIES and TAXIS – We’re rustling up all of your much-loved but now unwanted plastic ponies and toy taxis for our decor team.

COFFEE SLEEVES – Seems crazy to throw that cardboard sleeve away after only a few minutes on your cup, doesn’t it? Our decor team is collecting those too!

and coming in January….

DENIM JEANS – Start thinking about what ol’ jeans you want to move out of your closet. Our wranglers have a use for your Wranglers! (and Levis, and Luckys, and Sevens, and yes, even the Jordaches.) We’ll start collecting these after the Holidays.

Double Recycling!

December 2, 2009


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The Green Team sent many phones and ink cartridges off to Think Recycle today. We also used old Thanksgiving leaflets to pack the box! N.H. says, “I got to see lots of old styles of phones. They look so extinct! Recycling phones helps the environment, and I like to recycle things!”

Rescued From the Landfill!

December 2, 2009

Our Green Team helped rescue tons of eWaste from the Landfill today.  70 Floppy Disks went to Greendisk.  We sent phones and ink cartridges to Think Recycle and Ecophones.  We also sent 42 re-usable disks to Disks for Dogs.  All of these items can be recycled through programs near and far, so please consider bringing your eWaste into Grace’s South Hall for recycling.  For large eWaste (such as printers, DVD players, etc) bring items to the Customer Service Desk at Best Buy.

S.H. and T.W. say; “It was fun to recycle the phones!  We ate cookies off of bamboo plates!”