Pony/Taxi/Denim/Coffee Sleeve Round-Up!

This year the Auction Committee will be joining in the RE-USE fun with a ROUND UP!

Find bins for these items in the South Hall:

PONIES and TAXIS – We’re rustling up all of your much-loved but now unwanted plastic ponies and toy taxis for our decor team.

COFFEE SLEEVES – Seems crazy to throw that cardboard sleeve away after only a few minutes on your cup, doesn’t it? Our decor team is collecting those too!

and coming in January….

DENIM JEANS – Start thinking about what ol’ jeans you want to move out of your closet. Our wranglers have a use for your Wranglers! (and Levis, and Luckys, and Sevens, and yes, even the Jordaches.) We’ll start collecting these after the Holidays.

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