Gremlins Get the Word Out – eWaste & LESEC Collection Poster Boards

On this beautiful sunny Sunday we delivered the Green Gremlins eWaste Poster boards to the Lower East Side Ecology Center‘s collection event in Traver’s Park.  We arrived early, and saw that word had gotten out – many monitors, keyboards, towers and peripherals were already stacking up.  The Lower East Side Ecology Center (LESEC) sets up events with other organizations (Tekserve, the Department of Sanitation, PS 29, Jackson Heights Green Agenda) and collects all eWaste.  The materials are responsibly recycled, and information is wiped and shredded.  When you bring your eWaste to these events, you not only take care of a growing environmental problem, you ensure that the recycling process is done in the most responsible manner.  The Green Gremlins created poster boards for this and future events so that passers-by can read about the benefits of recycling as well the value in re-using electronics and making sure they last as long as possible.  Below are some images of the collection today, as well as pictures of our poster boards.

Update:  See this video about WeRecycle’s business at CNN Money.

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