On Environmental Education Day – METS WIN!

On April 28th, the Green Gremlins were invited to Environmental Education Day at Citifield.  We had a great time, despite the amazing gusts of wind and cold.  Hot chocolate and good company solved that problem.  While we were there, Citifield demonstrated how the new Mets stadium is more environmentally sound than Shea was; incorporating new kitchen equipment and bathroom and water systems that save thousands of pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere.

The stadium gave away re-usable water bottles for the students attending the event.  Kids in our group talked about what environmental actions are more green than others while observing the work of other schools and the stadium.  We noticed a lot of garbage (plastic bags) whipping in the wind and getting in the player’s way.  It really “hit home” that wastes can be reduced when students and fans are careful to take care of wrapping, and to use as little as possible.

Rock and Renew, a non-profit that works with schools to help make more sustainable meals and garden programs, performed with several school groups from around the city.  All the kids, and our city’s baseball team, were amazing!  The Mets won against the LA Dodgers, 7-3.

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