Green Roof at the Gramercy Park Hotel

The Gremlins had an amazing mini field trip to the Gramercy Park Hotel this afternoon.  We not only learned about some innovative urban gardening techniques, we also had some tasty samples of fresh tomatoes, beans, and figs.

Kevin Denton gave us the grand tour.  We were impressed by the number of re-used items the garden had successfully transformed into roof-top garden wonders.  An old duck roaster, floor tiles, and broken containers were upcycled and freshly blooming with fall vegetables and compost created with hotel and restaurant left overs.  Diners at Maialino are lucky to have the most local and fresh ingredients in the neighborhood.  We learned about how the garden uses rainwater collectors to irrigate “crops” and is working on adding some small wind turbines to add to the re-use program.  Students were fascinated by the variety of herbs, and many saved leaves to smell on their way home!

Composter made of old duck roaster and floor tiles!

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