Earth Dinner

Our Earth Dinner was a ton of fun.  We had an amazing array of organic, local and/or sustainable foods, all of them delicious.  Spinach Pie, Lasagna, Ginger Squash Soup, Pasta Salad.  Teachers, Parents and Administrators joined in to discuss food and sustainability in New York City.  We shared a list of questions, quotes and puzzles, many inspired by the Organic Valley Earth Dinner program.  Some questions we included were:

“We talk these days of “eating local”—or maybe we should call it “local-ish.” Share what local means to you. Why do you think our food system has shifted away from a regional model?”

“Tell a story about a time you spent cooking together with your child(ren). Was it a cookie disaster or delight? If you don’t have kids, share a memory of a time when your family involved you in the kitchen as a child.”

“Until 1940, most produce was organic and, until the advent of the refrigerated boxcar, it was also of necessity fresh, seasonal and local. There’s nothing radical about organic produce: It’s a return to traditional values of the most fundamental kind. Alice Waters, The Farm-Restaurant Connection

We hope to continue the Earth Dinner next year, and to host another Earth Lunch for the kids in April.  Keep posted for a list of recipes and ideas in the next few weeks.


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