Second Grade Goes Bananas!

Our classroom compost has been coming along very nicely.  Below, you can see a photo of the compost thus far – already looking earthy and smelling like fresh dirt in less than a month!  The second graders collected their banana peels from this week’s snack.  With about 1.8 kg of peels, we will be testing the limits of our little worms over the holiday break.  While just a small amount of food waste, it will never the less avoid the landfill, and lead to a great salad in the spring.

So far, our worms have not been able to make a dent in the “compostable” dinner fork we used at our Earth Dinner on November 4th.  We hope to see it begin to decompose this year.

Second graders have been learning about how much food Americans typically waste and throw into landfill.  A very informative article about the topic was shared during our Green Team meeting with upper school students this week. To find out more, see the NYTimes link here.

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