“I could while away the hours conferrin’ with the flowers…” Scarecrow

Dr. Wheeler is a popular faculty member during harvest time.  His farm upstate has been delivering green beans, plums, zucchini and other delicious fresh food to the faculty room for years.  He often begins his tomatoes in the GCS greenhouse while running the greenhouse elective, so it is wonderful to see the results when the new school year begins.  Dr. Wheeler loves to talk about his crops, and always has great growing tips for gardeners.

This season, he had some friends help him set up his scarecrow outside the farm;   Dr. Wheeler shares the story behind these photos,  “The scarecrow is being set up in the fallow garden in which a cover crop of buckwheat is just coming up. The real garden is in the background, the part with the row-cover and the tiller.  In 1992 we bought a house and 13 acres in Granville, NY (Washington County) so as to have a place near my parents and a place to stay while I continued summer work as a farm hand for an area vegetable grower. The parents and the vegetable grower have passed on, but the garden we planted continues to provide corn, tomatoes, and many other good things for ourselves, our friends and family, and many local varmints: woodchucks, deer, skunks, rabbits, crows, wild turkeys, racoons, and bugs. The adversity provides the same salutary exercise for the virtue of hope as does being a Mets fan. “Wait ’til next year.”

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