Community Service Day 2011

What a beautiful day for community service at East River Park! Parent coordinators & the Lower East Side Ecology Center lead us through a gardening work-out, where kids and parents planted bulbs, cleared weeds, and prepared a gorgeous corner of the park for Spring.  Kids from early childhood, lower school, and upper school, dug holes, counted bulbs, and had fun in the sun.

Traveling in the city on a Saturday afternoon can feel like a burdensome trek, but on this Saturday, all the stress of the city washed away as soon as I saw the park project underway, and the kids enjoying some time working in the dirt.  I am so grateful that our community has been working on this project with the Lower East Side Ecology Center, a connection that has brought a plethora of resources and ideas into our school and community.  The devoted parents who put this day together twice a year are modest about the project, but it is truly extraordinary.  If you haven’t been able to attend the Community Service Day – make a point to show up this spring.  It is refreshing, and a satisfying way to connect to our urban environment.

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