Our friends have a new home!

Our JK and K worms have found a brand-new place to call home!  The Grace Church gardens now have a rich new boost, grown from the paper and snacks composted by Early Childhood classrooms this year.     The JK loved hosting their worm families, and were kind enough to give their guests a list of human names.  They wish “good luck!” to their friends;

Wiggle Worm, Mouthwom, Snowflake, Snowball, Brownie, Food Worm, Winter, Math Worm, Love, Brown, Slimy, Bee Worm, Little, Big Baby Worm, Slippery, The Baby Shell, Bubbie, Owl, Bob, Lovie, Snow White, Sloppy, Crack Worm, Dad, Sparkly Worm, Coo Coo Man, Pickles, Max, Unicorn, Sticky Worm, Sam, Yabba Dabba Doo, Jack, Mom, Emma, Pretzels, Mark, Jane, Belle, Mary, Tinkerbell, Rosetta, Silvermist, Fawn, Beauty, Skinny, Easter Bunny, Bully, Peanut Butter, Stick-you-tongue-out, Stinky-pants, Princess Worm, Blay BLade, Tata, Snoopy Pants, Snoopy, Scooby Doo, Shaggy, Spikey, Thorny, Daphne, Sally, Sarah, Humpback, Wizzley, Bobby, Fred, Mack, Tarantula, Bob, Buggy, Lucky, Sam, Sammy, Lamby, Diggy, Diggety, Sparkly, George, Rainbow Dash, Butterfly Worm, Lightning Bolt, Shooty, Lovey, Snowbob, Zack, Sally, Lovey, Buggy, Huggy, Barnacles, Pushy Man, Spikey, Snowy, Austin Hardy, Hearty, Hostin, Boston, Hopscotch, Mortimer, Bucky, Arabel, Hit-You-In-The-Head, Bucky-the-old-Lucky, Beg Beluga, Big Blue, Wonder, Thunder, Hiccup, Freddy, Velma, Wormy, Charlie, Snappy, Snoopy Worm, Munchie, Crunchie, Boxie-Box, Buggy-Bug, Munchie-Chee, Special Day Worm, Wormy Fly Trap, Hippopotamus, Hipper, Ninjago, Goo Goo Bird, Elephant, Blobby, Ruby Ruby Doo, Lord Snoopy Pants, Skeleton, SmackFace, Challie Worm, Chitter, Cuddle Heart, Cheddar Tree, Lovie, Bully, Gold Head, Gouda, Nugget, Pegasus, Eyeballs, Doggie, Little, Washway, Squirmy, Squishy, Wormy Worm,  Grammy Worm, Slowy, Sloppy, Cherry Blossom, Kitten Worm, Mermaid Worm, Shine, Valentine’s Day Worm, Dirt Worm, Darky, Snail in a Hat, Shiny, Gold, Silvie, Silver, Rainbow Sparkle Worm, Hippo Worm, Cold Worm Easter Bunny Worm, Birthday Worm, Doggie Worm, Jelly Bean Worm, Candy Worm, Easter Worm, Dolphin Worm, Flower Worm.

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