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Earth Dinner 2012

April 20, 2012

Our Earth Dinner was a delicious and heart-warming night including chocolate prizes, delicious kale soup, quinoa salad, and much more.  Thanks to the generous donations of community members, we had a lovely meal, full of conversation.  Mr. Semlear brightened up the event with a collection of gorgeous marigolds potted in little recycled jars. Thanks to all for joining us, and for making it so much fun.

Compost Program Expanding

October 18, 2011


Thanks to parent volunteers, we are now bringing the Monday fruit peels and cores to the Union Square Green Market! Adding to our 11 bins within the GCS campus, we are collecting food wastes and helping curb greenhouse emissions. How? Food that isn’t composted makes up a large portion of our landfills. When food rots, and is not decomposed into soil by worms or other organisms, it emits methane, a much more potent trapper of heat than CO2. Beyond helping gardens and farms, compost helps reduce global climate change agents.

Thank you to all of our parent composters, as well as our Early Childhood lunch community service kids, and our Green Team kids in Upper School.

Ms. Lesio’s Backyard Paradise

July 20, 2011

 In a notoriously hard to garden patch of Brooklyn, Ms. Lesio has a green oasis.  With a little compost tea, and a lot of hard work, she has a lawn with gorgeous flowers for summer relaxation.  Thanks for sharing your garden pictures with the Gremlins!

Ms. Smith’s Beautiful Home Garden

July 20, 2011

One of the gardens that got a dose of Compost Tea is looking fine.  Ms. Smith’s flowers and herbs look beautiful.  Thanks for sharing your garden pictures with the Gremlins!

Compost Goes to 10 GCS Gardens!

June 17, 2011

This year our Green Gremlins, Greenhouse, Faculty, and Lower School classrooms started and maintained 6 vermicompost bins. At the end of the school year, we brewed “compost tea” – a combination of rich compost castings and sugar that build a natural fertilizer and anti-microbial liquid for gardens and lawns. 10 faculty and family gardeners took some home. We look forward to finding out how their seasonal “crops” develop with their added boost!  Here’s a photo of one of our gardens – Ms. Adler’s tomato plants in New Jersey!  Beautiful!  It is a pleasure to see that our snack food wastes are being “recycled” to help grow more food.

Ms. Adler's Garden

Ms. Adler's Garden

Time for Tea!

December 2, 2010

Our worms have amazingly tackled our bananas from 2nd grade snack.  There are still some peels remaining, but they won’t last long.  The organic compost pile is really flourishing!  Students collected tea bags this month.  Here are our Green Team members adding their tea bags to the pile!

Compost Guests Arrive!

October 31, 2010

Our worms arrived for our first compost bin this Wednesday.  The Green Gremlins got to prepare their bedding, give them their first meal, and feel them squirm!  Click here for a video of the worms before they were set in the bin.  Chef Sheehan provided some of the kitchen scraps collected during Wednesday’s lunch.  The kids plan to collect scraps from lunch tables during the fall.    Is your classroom interested in having a compost bin? They are easy to maintain and a great educational resource.  Check out the upcoming Wormshop from the Lower East Side Ecology Center this month at Friends.  Composting from home?  You can set up your own bin easily, but if this is not an option, consider bringing your vegetable scraps to a local compost outpost.  Also, the map of compost station in NYC can be found here.