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Green Event Planning

June 22, 2011

Starting to plan events for 2011-2012? Check our guidelines for green event planning here:

Re-Use is Fun!

May 2, 2010

The Center for Ecoliteracy has a fun project anyone can try.  Plant your seedlings in a Mini CD Greenhouse!  Click here for detailed instructions.  Kids at Grace used radish seeds in CD cases and Old DVD cases.  Old Jazz drive disk cases were used as well – remember those!!

Fun Contest for Re-Use!

April 11, 2010

The website INSTRUCTABLES is hosting a coffee cup re-use Challenge.  If you’ve purchased a coffee cup from Paradis or Think Coffee because you left your mug at home, consider making the most of it!   There’s a solar backpack prize.   “58 billion paper coffee cups are thrown in the trash each year. That’s a lot! We think that there are some better ideas for paper coffee cups than just tossing them out so we teamed up with the betacup to bring you the Coffee Cup Challenge! Enter your awesome idea for a paper cup reuse and win a solar-powered Voltaic backpack!   The rules are simple: submit a new Instructable that reuses a paper coffee cup in some way. You can use more than one cup and you can use other stuff along with it, but there has to be at least one cup used.”


March 25, 2010

Here is an example of re-using materials from a middle school featured on  Beautiful use of shoes, wires and other materials in a study of Entymology!  From TerraTeach.

Green MLK Event

January 9, 2010

Bring in your old Holiday Cards for 2 ways to help others – (1) We will use elements of old cards to help create Valentines for Beth Israel Hospital.  (2) Unused cards will be donated to the St. Jude’s Ranch where cards are upcycled into new ornaments and sold to benefit abused children in need of shelter and care.

Also, check out Green Team member Grace Amerling’s article in THE EYE, GCS’s online newsletter.

Recycled eWaste and Scrabble Art

December 17, 2009


Originally uploaded by kchaloner

The Green Team created some great holiday gifts this afternoon. Incorporating computer keys, keyboard circuit frames, scrabble tiles and fabric samples from designers, they made plain wooden frames into works of art. Do you have any project ideas for our growing collection of keys and letters? Let us know and comment below!

Pony/Taxi/Denim/Coffee Sleeve Round-Up!

December 9, 2009

This year the Auction Committee will be joining in the RE-USE fun with a ROUND UP!

Find bins for these items in the South Hall:

PONIES and TAXIS – We’re rustling up all of your much-loved but now unwanted plastic ponies and toy taxis for our decor team.

COFFEE SLEEVES – Seems crazy to throw that cardboard sleeve away after only a few minutes on your cup, doesn’t it? Our decor team is collecting those too!

and coming in January….

DENIM JEANS – Start thinking about what ol’ jeans you want to move out of your closet. Our wranglers have a use for your Wranglers! (and Levis, and Luckys, and Sevens, and yes, even the Jordaches.) We’ll start collecting these after the Holidays.