Freecycling at Grace

Freecycling is a volunteer item-by-item give away program.  If you have something that you think should be used again but you no longer need (a mitt, a mosquito net, a lava lamp) just post it on our Freecycle website.  Anyone interested will contact you about picking it up and keeping it out of the landfill longer.  Do you have an item that you’d like to get?  GCS community members will notify you if they have one to give away.  Items we’ve been able to share include cribs, games, DVD players and more!

In October we host an annual freecycling event – The Costume Swap!  Over the years we’ve swapped hundreds of princess dresses, cowboy hats, and super hero capes.  Remaining costumes are used for the Mayfair or sent to the NYC materials recycling exchange run by Wearable Collections.

GCS  now has it’s freecycling program online!  Just like our free and fabulous costume swap, this is a way for you to give away usable items, and get “new to you” items, by simply posting your things online.  The rules are simple, items must be given away for free.  If you’d like an item,  you should pick it up yourself or arrange a mutually convenient exchange.  That’s it!  Post things you’d like, as well as things you’d like to give away!  Good luck and exchange away!  You must be logged into the parent portal to use the site;

GCS Freecycle Page

Check out the wider NYC stuff exchange here;

NYC Stuff Exchange

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