Replacements for Trees? From Alyssa

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Algae lamp


Theo shares some thoughts…

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“We are the next generation.  If we care, we can stop deforestation.  But if we don’t care this will still be our earth.  Nearly 4 billion trees are cut down each year. 100 trees are cut per minute.  Rain forests cover only 14% of our earth.”

(image from Greenpeace)

Ban the Bag! Green Schools Alliance Conference at Hewitt

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Green Team at Hewitt

Green Team at Hewitt

This Saturday March 2nd, the Green Gremlins Team attended the Green Schools Alliance “Ban the Bag” conference at the Hewitt School.  We had the opportunity to listen to a student-moderated panel about how New York City might implement a plastic bag ban similar to those in place in cities like San Francisco, Delhi, Mexico City, and Portland.  At the main panel, we heard some of surprising facts about trash, and even more surprising solutions being worked on, from Jennie Romer, founder of Plastic Bag Laws, Ron Gonen, Mayor Bloomberg’s Deputy Commissioner for Recycling and Sustainability, Stiv Wilson, from the 5 Gyres Institute, Eric Goldstein from the NRDC, Matie Quinn of SIMs Recycling, and city Councilmember Brad Lander. Did you know?: Each month, 2 million pounds of trash that could be recycled ends up in our landfills, shipped to OH, NC, and DE.  Much of this if food related, and plastic bags are a big part of the problem.   While taking hundreds of years to decompose, they bioaccumulate in ocean food chains, ultimately harming humans. During our Green Team meeting this week, our group will discuss how GCS kids can get involved in the upcoming campaign to ban plastic bags in NYC, and we will discuss how our current collaboration with the Al Hekma International School in Bahrain, through the NAIS Global 20/20 Challenge, focusing on deforestation, will incorporate a discussion of forest resources and paper bags.


NOVA’s Earth From Space

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This week the Green Gremlins watched clips from the new NOVA program “Earth from Space.”  We learned new things about the importance of forests.

From our students:

“We learned that the Amazon Rainforest produces most of its own oxygen but the plankton who feed off of the the nutrients from the Amazon come up and produce a lot of oxygen that we breathe.  Plankton also releases nitrates that are good for us when it is evaporated into rain that eventually falls on land. ”

“Forest fires can lead to new life, so while humans don’t like forest fires that affect their land, some fires are good.”

“We learned about how everything on the earth contributes to a much bigger cycle that allows us to live, even things that seem dangerous like lightening and fire.”

We hope you can see this film too – it is available online at

Maya Lin’s “Unchopping a Tree”

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Rainforest Slideshow by Emma

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Click here to see a slideshow presentation by our green team member Emma.  Learn about how the rainforest’s resources are valued world-wide.

Green team deforestation

Deforestation – What We Can Do, by Thea

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1) The world’s rain forests could completely vanish in a hundred years at the current rate of deforestation.

2) I recycle the pieces of paper I don’t want.
3) I think kids can help stop deforestation by raising money to give to a deforestation charity. Kids can raise money by holding a bake sale and serve “green” foods.
4) Kids should care about the earth because one day, when the trees are all gone, people will not be able to live. All of the farms they have planted in place of the rainforests will not be able to survive either because every living thing needs oxygen.