Lunch at GCS

At GCS, we try to use our sustainability mission to promote healthy eating and sustainable practices.  With family style eating, almost no disposable utensils or plates, and a minimum of single use items, we try to keep waste out of the lunch room.  Chef Sheehan explains in his column – Chef’s Corner – how this works.

Lunchtime Knowledge

From Food Committee Member Lynn Marchand

Chef Sheehan and his staff, along with the Food Committee members are making sure your children have healthy, nutritious choices for lunch.  As we move into spring, the beautiful, fresh bounty of foods from our region will provide the bulk of the food that will be served at GCS.

Did you know…

  • more than 95% of the school lunches are made from scratch.
  • the milk is local and free of hormones and antibiotics.
  • the meats and poultry are all natural and do not contain any hormones or antibiotics.
  • when possible, we serve local, grass-fed beef, without hormones or antibiotics.
  • when possible, all fruits and vegetables are from local farms and 100% traceable.
  • all fruits and vegetables are rinsed three times with vinegar and water before use.
  • only Eli’s and Hudson Breads are served.
  • multigrain, wheat and Italian Tuscan breads are offered everyday.
  • only cage free eggs are used.
  • a vegetarian option is available everyday.
  • there is a salad bar with three proteins offered everyday.
  • the snacks being served are natural, low fat options.

Local Produce

In keeping with Grace Church School’s effort to be more sustainable, this week we will be featuring local produce from various farms within a 100-mile radius.This not only helps promote local farms, it also helps reduce our carbon footprint. GCS is committed to using as much local produce (gathered within 100 miles of the school) as possible.

GCS also hosts regular GREEN LUNCHES. We will not use any power in the kitchen those days, helping us to further reduce our carbon footprint. If you are interested in the Green lunch menu please check either the monthly or weekly menus.  There is also a vegetarian option available for students every day of the year.

Recyclable Coffee Pouches, Biodegradable Cups, and Soup Bowls. GCS has switched to a new vendor for cups and bowls.  These bowls are biodegradable, and carry a reminder about reducing our carbon footprint.  Coffee pouches in the Faculty Room are also recyclable.  If you are at a dining room meeting, remember to collect your coffee pouches (Flavia brand) and deposit them in the box in the faculty room.

UPDATE 1/13/10:

Local Beef:

I am happy to announce that we are now using local beef from Stonebroke Farms in Warnervill, New York (located in the Catskill Mountains). This is a family owned and operated farm of mostly angus cattle. Their Ccattle is 100% hormone and antibiotic free and grass fed and finished. We look forward to continuing a relationship with StoneBroke Farms.


4 Comments on “Lunch at GCS”

  1. Ben Wendel Says:

    The food is good to

  2. Abigail Martucci Says:

    We have green lunches alot of the time

  3. ecoops Says:

    Thanks for your comments! If you have more ideas for sustainable eating, let us know.

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